GivingTuesday: Shining the Spotlight on BCCTV

Inspired by the international GivingTuesday campaign, Amicus is working to ensure that the conversation around generosity is an ongoing one. You can read more about our efforts here. This week in our ongoing #GivingTuesday campaign, Joan Lundell, Director, User Experience at is highlighting BCCTV.

Storytelling holds power, though not everyone has the ability to share personal stories on their own terms.

A film project that began in 2013 strives to change that. Joan and a team of artists, designers, and filmmakers formed a community of video makers at Portland, Oregon's Bud Clark Commons (BCC), as part of a project called BCCTV. The project worked with individuals experiencing homelessness to showcase their creativity while learning the skills of filmmaking.

BCC is one of many communities associated with Home Forward, a program dedicated to providing safe, decent and affordable housing for individuals and families who are challenged by income, disability or special need. BCC provides a continuum of services such as health, housing, and learning resources to assist homeless individuals transition to a more permanent living arrangement.

The BCCTV project started in 2013 and creators’ work has been shown during public screenings and aired on cable TV. The attention drawn to the project brought awareness to the issue of homelessness.

“By empowering those experiencing homelessness with the necessary tools, participants gain an artistic and therapeutic outlet to share their stories with the world,” says Joan. "BCCTV aims to break down the barriers for everyone to get involved by utilizing storytelling as the medium," she continued.

Its premiere screening was a culmination of the diverse works produced throughout the year, ranging from personal documentary to live action horror, from comedic sketches to fictional dramas and a variety of animated shorts. Watch the event's promo video now.

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