GivingTuesday: Teaching Social Entrepreneurship for Impact

Social entrepreneurship is disrupting the way people think about the relationship between business and social impact. The field is gaining popularity across college campuses as students work toward a meaningful career rooted in solving the world’s most pressing issues. 

As a student at Utah State University’s Huntsman School of Business, Eddie Norton, VP Finance & Operations of, co-founded the Small Enterprise Education & Development (SEED) program. SEED connects passionate students with the opportunity to empower individuals and communities around the world via enterprise creation and sustainability.

Student interns spend three months in one of five developing countries—Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, the Philippines, and Peru—where they work with program officials to support local entrepreneurs develop their business acumen, access funding, and grow their venture. Equipped with resources and mentorship, business leaders are able to break the cycle of poverty. 

When he was a student, Eddie spent back-to-back summers working with communities around the world. “We started the program to introduce the next generation of change-makers to social entrepreneurship and empower communities around the world to grow economically. By providing entrepreneurs the support and skills they need to get their businesses off the ground, they are able to thrive in the long-term.”

Social entrepreneurship is a growing field, with increasing presence on college campuses. To learn more about SEED, check out their work. To learn more about the growing field of social entrepreneurship, visit pioneer Ashoka’s website or read more in Forbes.

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