GivingTuesday: Enabling Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged us all in expected ways. Children were not spared from its effects. The CMS Foundation works to support Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and develop a community-wide culture of "schoolanthropy"the support of public education.

School buildings have been closed, but access to learning hasn’t.

Due to school closures in the Charlotte area in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many children were required to learn from home. In addition to the stressors of social distancing while being a child, remote learning has its own set of challenges. 

Across America, the rapid transition to remote learning shed light on the growing digital divide. An estimated 30% of students in the US live in homes without access to high-speed internet or enough devices to adequately support remote learning.

When students were sent home due to the pandemic, the CMS Foundation received an investment of $1 million to purchase 16,000 hotspot devices. The Foundation then set a goal of raising $3.2 million to provide 12 months of internet access to every household with a CMS student receiving a device.

Since reaching the goal of the "Connect to Tech" initiative, the CMS Foundation is working to ensure that each student has access to the resources needed to successfully engage in remote learning. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic hit communities very hard, and children were not spared from its impact. The CMS Foundation's 'Connect to Tech' initiative benefits students at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools to ensure that every child has the opportunity to engage and succeed in remote learning, regardless of financial circumstances," says Scott Patrick, Inside Sales Representative at

The CMS Foundation's vision is for Charlotte-Mecklenburg to become a national leader in public education where teaching is an iconic profession and opportunity abounds for every child. The Foundation's other fundraising priorities include fostering teacher innovation, advancing cultural proficiency, and strengthening the teacher pipeline.

To learn more about initiatives of the CMS Foundation, take a look at their fundraising priorities. If you are interested in supporting education within Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, you can learn more about donation and volunteer opportunities.

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