Giving Tuesday: Games Done Quick

Twice a year, charity marathon Games Done Quick (GDQ) runs for a week in support of designated non-profit organizations, including Doctors Without Borders.

GDQ is a semi-annual video game charity marathon, with each event broadcast live on Twitch. Viewers can get involved by donating or selecting players to complete more difficult tasks. Donors may be eligible to win various prizes throughout the marathon.

GDQ is currently active with its summer marathon running from July 4 - July 11 in support of Doctors Without Borders. The winter event is held in early January in support of on the Prevent Cancer Foundation. GDQ is the largest fundraising even for each organization.

In addition to bi-annual events, GDQ hosts smaller events throughout the year, often in response to time-sensitive global events. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Harvey Relief Done Quick raised $229,455 for the Houston Food Bank. In April 2020, Corona Relief Done Quick raised $402,568 for Direct Relief to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last decade, they have raised more than $31 million for over a dozen causes. An average of 3000 people attend each event, including staff, volunteers, runners, and attendees.

"What I like about Games Done Quick is its unconventional format. The charity marathon consists of people playing video games as quickly as they can in support of organizations like Doctors Without Borders. I’m an incredibly nostalgic person, so being able to re-live some of the games I played as a kid is more fun than I would care to admit. The week of a GDQ is always a lot of fun," says Jason Ward, Full Stack Developer at and longtime supporter of GDQ.

From July 4 through July 11, 2021, donors can contribute to GDQ's Summer 2021 Games in support of Doctors Without Boarders. 100% of funds raised by GDQ go to the organizations they support.

This post is part of a series that highlights the non-profit organizations that members of our team support. Read more about's GivingTuesday initiative here.