Giving Tuesday: Amplifying Voices Through Intentional Storytelling

There is an honesty, courage, and hope in storytelling, particularly of difficult experiences. This is how one North Caroline non-profit ensures that everyone's voice has the opportunity to be heard.

Local or global, large or small, every non-profit organization should have the opportunity to share their stories and impact to drive wide support their mission. Charlotte-based Silent Images offers affordable professional storytelling via video and photography for the non-profits it serves.

Silent Images amplifies the voices of non-profit organizations and those served by documenting stories through video and photography. Since its founding in 2006, Silent Images has completed hundreds of projects across 50+ countries to highlight the impact of non-profits across diverse communities served.

It also raises awareness for its Passion Projects, which focus primarily on issues in its hometown of Charlotte, NC. Passion Projects include various documentary series about topics that span mental health, human trafficking, homelessness, and the elderly. By drawing connections between domestic and global issues, we begin to understand how interconnected we all are.

"Silent Images has a profound impact by sharing the stories of people, causes, and organizations around the world, as well as right here in Charlotte. The work of the team uplifts those voices and amplifies those stories. I am humbled to be a longtime supporter of Silent Images and its impact globally," says Cor Hoekstra, CEO of and board member of Silent Images.

A supporter of Silent Images, Cor fundraises for the organization annually and is an active member of the board. Visit the Silent Images website to learn how you can support this amplification of global voices.

This post is part of a series that highlights the non-profit organizations that members of our team support. Read more about's GivingTuesday initiative here.