GivingTuesday: Creating Community Fosters the Next Generation of Tech Leaders

By leveraging their collective expertise, technology leaders are fostering a community to continually connect, learn, grow, and lead.

SIM Charlotte is the local chapter of the national Society for Information Management (SIM) network. With nearly 40 chapters across the US, SIM connects IT leaders and learners through its networking and mentorship initiatives across industries and locations.

With panels, conferences, and other (now-virtual) events, SIM brings together the brightest minds in technology to exchange expertise and innovative ideas. In doing so, the community-members become resources for each other.

Raja Musunuru, Chief Technology Officer of, is also the President of SIM Charlotte and long-time supporter of the SIM network. In the past 7 years, the SIM Charlotte team has raised and invested over $500,000, which are used to develop STEM skills from ages 4 to 40+ by providing tech access to underprivileged kids, coding camps, college scholarships, and career transition services.

For many, Raja included, mentorship and community are integral to personal and professional development. The SIM network provides an environment to foster connection within the information technology industry.

"I got introduced to SIM and got to experience some of the community work they were doing, and I fell in love with that. For me personally, if I look at my success, I attribute it to all the people who guided me. This is now my opportunity to support and mentor the next generation of leaders, " says Raja.

 Stay up to date with SIM Charlotte and view the organization's upcoming calendar of events. Interested in joining the community? Find out more about the benefits of membership.

This post is part of a series that highlights the non-profit organizations that members of our team support. Read more about's GivingTuesday initiative.