On-Site Fosters Community and Connection

We were thrilled to welcome our team to the Charlotte, NC headquarters for the 2021 On-Site for a week of community, connection, and team-building.

COVID-19 had an undeniable impact on the workplace. After a full year of working virtually, we brought our team together as an opportunity to form connections within and between departments. For many, this was the first time they met colleagues face-to-face, despite collaborating daily virtually.

This week of team-building was meaningful in fostering deeper connections amongst colleagues who span ten time-zones and three countries.

The goal of the week was to spark communication, collaboration, and connection across our global team in ways that only an in-person event can enable.

For many, the week served as a reminder of company values and culture. As we gathered to hear Cor Hoekstra's story of founding Amicus, the energy in the room was palpable. While we are unified in our alignment with the Amicus mission, it resonates with each of us for unique reasons.

"To bring the team together was a dream, as we felt unified around our values and vision. At its core, the mission of the company is to ensure the joy of giving is not limited for the wealthy but shared, as one employee put it. We do that by mobilizing the power of community giving enabled by tech," says Cor Hoekstra, CEO.

"After the week was through, my reasons for joining were further solidified: the people are amazing and driven, the mission is ambitious and exciting, and the future is bright and impactful,” says Scott Patrick, Inside Sales Representative.

This On-Site served as an opportunity to engage with each other in ways that we cannot replicate online. However, we can allow these in-person connections that we foster to have a lasting impact on our future interactions as we continue to navigate hybrid work environments.

“I spend 95% of my time with a very small subset of my co-workers in an average week. It was really nice to interact with more of the team and put personalities to faces,” says Jason Ward, Fullstack Developer.

“To have in person meetings for the first time in a year was exciting, but it also showed the benefits of seeing people's body language, brainstorming on a white board, and sharing meals together. Those are things you simply cannot replicate in a virtual setting,” says Venezia Leone, Product Owner.

 Take this opportunity to truly get to know your colleagues and appreciate the togetherness.